Behind the scenes

Iris Melendez


Class Hoppers was born out of my experience as a fitness instructor, my love to work out in group settings and the fact that I – moved. Establishing a new routine is never easy and it was very time consuming to search for studios and gyms nearby and find classes available in my area. And, as a fitness instructor, I had to rebuild a following, which is never easy! I know what it feels like to come teach to an empty class, and what it does to the owner’s bottom line and the morale of the staff instructors.

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Raimondo Murari


Stealth Marketing Guru!

Jeremy Callahan

Owner/CEO Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Jeremy is a web and mobile applications developer specializing in user facing technologies. He began programming websites when he co-founded Course Cam during the Dot-com era. Since then he has worked on globally recognized brands, start-ups, gaming sites, small businesses and everything in between.
His development priorities center around speed, accountability, scalability, and most importantly, a superior user experience. Class Hoppers is only one of many other great projects he has delivered to the mobile community. Thanks to Jeremy for making our classhoppers app hop!