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About the Instructor

Erika Van Gemeren is a San Francisco-based, full-time yoga instructor who has been practicing since 1999. As a child, she could feel the mind/body connection through dancing, hiking, and snowboarding. Yoga was a natural extension of her embodied movement practices and she developed an immediate passion for her practice. Erika first studied Ashtanga with Tim Thompson and Laura Camp at Monkey Yoga Shala in Oakland, CA. Her discovery of Vinyasa brought her back to her dance roots. Taking classes with Janet Stone, Elise Lorimer and Rusty Wells inspired her to become an instructor. She completed Yoga Tree’s 200 hour teacher training and then went on to train with Janet Stone and completed her 500 hour program. Erika’s goal is to inspire and instill her passion for yoga and its transformative effects to others. Her classes are sweaty, soulful, and nurturing. She reminds her students to live from their hearts and to dance like no one is watching. She continues to train with Janet Stone and Scott Blossom.

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