Annalisa Batanides

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About the Instructor

Annalisa has been teaching fitness classes almost 10 years. Having danced and played sports her whole life, she began teaching dance fitness classes during law school in order to keep her sanity. Now, this lawyer-turned-fitness-professional won't stop moving, and neither will you in any of her classes! A total ball of energy, Annalisa will incorporate fun music, smiles, and a non-judgmental atmosphere in all of her classes. Get prepared to SWEAT! Annalisa lives in Novato with her husband and doggy. She enjoys dancing, eating chocolate, hiking, puppies, and naps. Her current fitness goal is to be able to hold a handstand for one minute unassisted. Certifications: U-Jam, SCHWINN, BodyPump, (Barre in progress), AFAA, CPR and First Aid

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