Partnership Agreement

By registering your location and listing your classes on the ClassHoppers® web and mobile apps (the service), you (the partner) accept the following terms and conditions:

  • Class Listings
    • Class Hoppers will list your classes on the Class Hoppers platform and make them available for booking on its online and mobile platforms
    • The partner can make changes to the class offering at any time by adding or removing classes from the list by submitting a change request
    • Class Hoppers will process all change requests within 3-5 days of receipt
  • Cancellation of Service
    • The partner can discontinue the service at any time but will honor any existing bookings until the cancellation is finalized
    • The partner must submit cancellation requests via email or by phone
    • Class Hoppers will process the cancellation notice within 3-5 business days of receipt
  • Class Bookings
    • Class Hoppers will notify the partner of bookings made at the time of booking
    • Class Hoppers will provide customer data to the partner for their own internal use at the time of booking. These details include Name, Address, Email and Phone number
    • The partner agrees not to share this customer data with any and all third parties
    • The partner agrees to honor customer bookings via the platform and grant the customers access to the class(es) booked without requiring additional front desk processing
    • Class Hoppers will provide the customer with an electronic or mobile receipt that will allow the partner to verify a legitimate booking
    • The partners agrees that the online booking is equivalent  to their front desk processing including registration, payment and waivers for our customers
  • No Shows and Cancellations
    • In case the partner cancels a class that was already booked by our customer(s), the partner agrees to honor the customer payment for another class of equal or lesser value
    • In case of a no-show, the partner will provide options for the customer to attend another class based on customer request
    • Class Hoppers will not give refunds to the customer for bookings made in case of last minute class cancellation or customer no-shows.
  • Payments & Notifications
    • Class Hoppers will collect payment from the customer of the agreed upon drop-in fee at time of booking
    • Class Hoppers will submit a monthly payment to the partner for booking fees collected minus the agreed upon referral fee
    • The partner agrees to a negotiated ClassHoppers drop-in fee, which is no more than the rate charged to the partner’s customers when buying a ten-class pass

This agreement is in effect as of your day of online registration or verbal agreement to join our program.